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One of the objectives of the CYCLOPS project is to test and refine the idealised conceptual model for the phosphorus cycle in the photic zone. The aim is to use the model within real-time forecasting and other management models of the functioning of the Mediterranean.

An early model, based on a preliminary mesocosm experiment, is available to interested parties from this page. To open it you will need STELLA software. A working STELLA demo can be downloaded free of charge. The model file can then be accessed by saving the file to your hard drive (left click on Mesocosm Model). This is a .zip file and will need to be unzipped before opening it through the STELLA programme.

The first view of the model is a top layer consisting of a user interface with stop/start buttons, graphs etc. Pressing "Run" will initiate a simulation of the 9 treatments used. Press "Stop" before restarting. A graphic representation of the model is in a layer below and can be accessed by pressing the little triangle in the upper left margin. There is a third layer with the equation for those particularly interested.

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