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Deep-Sea Research dedicated volume

General CYCLOPS-related publications


Thingstad et al. Nature of P limitation in the ultraoligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean. Science 309: 1068-1071

Hale and Rivkin Comment on 'Nature of P limitation in the ultraoligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean' Science 312: 1748c

Thingstad et al. Response to comment on 'Nature of P limitation in the ultraoligotrophic Eastern Mediterranean' Science 312: 1748d

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Deep-Sea Research dedicated volume

Preface to Dedicated Volume

Carbo et al. Impact of atmospheric deposition on N and P geochemistry in the southeastern Levatine basin

Flaten et al. Studies of the microbial P-cycle during a Lagrangian phosphate addition experiment in the eastern Mediterranean

Groom et al. Satellite derived spatial and temporal biological variability in the Cyprus Eddy

Herut et al. Response of East Mediterranean surface water to Sahara dust: on-board microcosm experiment and field observations.

Kress et al. Effect of P and N addition to oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean waters influenced by near-shore waters: a microcosm experiment

Krom et al. Nutrient cycling in the south east Levantine basin of the Eastern Mediterranean - results from a P-starved system.

Krom et al. Overview and summary of the CYCLOPS P addition Lagrangian experiment in the Eastern Mediterranean

Law et al. The fate of Phosphate in a Lagrangian enrichment experiment in the E. Mediterranean

Pasternak et al. Does mesozoo-plankton respond to episodic nutrient inputs in the eastern Mediterranean?

Pitta et al. Biological response to P addition in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The microbial race against time

Psarra et al. Phytoplankton response to a Lagrangian phosphate addition in the Levantine Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)

Thingstad. Simulating the response to phosphate additions in the oligotrophic eastern Mediterranean using an idealized 4-member microbial food web model

Zodiatis et al. Variability of the Cyprus warm core eddy before, during and after the CYCLOPS project

Zohary et al. Is the Eastern Mediterranean N & P co-limited in summer? The response of P-supplemented water to added NH4+

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General CYCLOPS-related Publications

Krom et al. (2004) Nutrient budget for the Eastern Mediterranean: Implications for P limitation. Limnol. Oceanogr.49 (5): 1582-1592

Thingstad and Mantoura (2005) Titrating excess-N content of P-deficient Eastern Mediterranean surface water using alkaline phosphatase activity as a bio-indicator. Limnol. Oceanogr. Methods 3, 94-100

Rees, A.P., Law, C.S. and Woodward, E.M.S. (2006) High rates of nitrogen fixation during an in-situ phosphate release experiment in the Mediterranean Sea Geophysical Research Letters, 33,L10607.

Kitidis et al. (2006) Photochemical production of ammonium in the oligotrophic Cyprus Gyre (Eastern Mediterranean) Biogeosciences 3(4), 439-449

Tanaka et al. (2007) Microbial community structure and function in the Levantine Basin of the eastern Mediterranean Deep Sea Research Part I: Oceanographic Research Papers 54(10), 1721-1743 10.1016/j.dsr.2007.06.008

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