Institute of Geophysics and Tectonics (IGT)

Volcanic Studies Group

Mount Taranaki

The Volcanic Studies Group at Leeds is a multi-disciplinary research group covering a broad spectrum of volcanological expertise comprising volcano seismology, ground deformation (InSAR & GPS), computational fluid dynamics, petrology and geochemistry.Our group focus is to combine several research themes to understand the production, evolution and eruption of magma. Seismic research focuses on the identification and separation of volcanic seismic signals and their attribution to distinct volcanic processes such as magma ascent, pressurisation and magma extrusion. Petrological and geochemical work allows us to determine the magma history, giving insights into how eruptions occur and magma is generated. Deformation and InSAR work allow us to remotely monitor eruptions and magma movements within the crust.


In recent years research efforts conducted by our group have made a profound impact by enhancing the understanding of hazards and risks associated with volcanic activity, as well as educating scientists, observatory personnel, decision-makers and other stakeholders in the light of the latest scientific results.