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Geological Mapping Exercises


Reading and Understanding Geological Maps

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All the exercises on this page are provided in a powerpoint presentation followed by a worksheet. The worksheet is in pdf format and is printable.

Exercise 1 - V Outcrops

Exercise 2 - 3 Point Problem

Exercise 3 - Basic Cross Sections

Exercise 4 - Folded and dipping cross sections

Exercise 5 - Unconformities and Faults

Exercise 6 - Geological map of Leeds

Geology Lectures

Geology Lectures

The eight PowerPoint files "Lecture 1" to "Lecture 8" represent the content of a series of Geology lectures provided to postgraduate students who are fairly new to Geology (e.g. MSc Exploration Geophysics students with a background in Physics).

The lectures are designed to be sequential; thus it is probably most helpful to work through them in numerical order. The additional PowerPoint "The Rock Cycle" discusses the relationships between different rock types and should be viewed alongside the lectures.